51st Annual Tyler TX Azalea Trail

It never fails, folks moving to Tyler, TX ask me about some the outstanding local traditions not to be missed. And the springtime is that time of year when we host one of the more popular Tyler, TX events! The 51st annual Tyler Azalea Trail Festival is coming March 19th through April 4, 2010. With approximately 8 miles of trails, there is tons of family fun, dining and entertainment amid the breathtaking beautiful and fragrant azalea bushes and blooms for everyone. You will enjoy the splendor of azaleas, tulips, dogwoods, wisteria, and Japanese maples along two trails within the historic azalea district of Tyler, Texas!

Tyler Azalea Trail

There are two trails, the original Lindsey Trail and the newer Dobbs Trail. Both trails are named for the streets they start on, and the Dobbs Trail was added on as the Azalea Trail started to add more homes, streets and neighborhoods. You can find the current trail maps here:


and every year the trails change as more azalea district real estate and streets participate in the event.Tyler, TX Azaleas

Navigating the Tyler Azalea Trail

Though the Azalea Trail Festival is walkable, if you have children it is far easier to drive through parts, as the trails meander through some neighborhoods that don’t have side walks. It is easiest to walk the trail area between West 4th Street and West Dobbs Street  because the streets are wider and there are plenty of sidewalks.

For areas where you will want to walk the trails, you can find parking on any of the streets EXCEPT South Broadway Ave-which is also US 69. The two best places to park are at South College Avenue, between Lindsey Lane and Dobbs Street, right near Bergfeld Park and at Belmont Drive, between First and second Streets.

Tyler TX Azalea Trail History

The Tyler Azalea Trail area is not only a breathtaking display of gardens and blooms, but it is also historically significant. The first Azalea Trail gardens started in 1929, by local nurseryman Maurice Shamburger, who had boxcar loads of the colorful azalea plants brought from Georgia.

After Shamburger completed his garden, azalea gardens took off in the neighborhoods and each community promoted showcasing yards and gardens every spring.The springtime showcases started drawing people from nearby communities every spring, and eventually The Tyler Azalea Trail was born.

You will find Shamburger’s original garden still displayed in true radiance on the Azalea Trail today. Azalea gardens are now a staple and more and more homes and neighborhoods apply to become part of the trails. Some of the thick, towering azaleas in the older home gardens on the Azalea Trail date back to the 1930’s and are truly awe inspiring!

Tyler TX Real Estate

If you happen to be visiting the Tyler area, or a job move has you relocating to Tyler Texas, you will certainly have fun enjoying the great community atmosphere and fun everyone enjoys during the annual Tyler Azalea Trail festival! You can see photos here, and even enter the Tyler Convention and Visitors Bureau amateur photography contest-you could even win cash prizes!

The festival is a great opportunity to explore Tyler neighborhoods, tour Tyler homes for sale, and learn more about the wonderful communities and area. If you have any questions, want to learn more, or feel ready to start searching the Tyler TX MLS for your prefect dream home, then contact me, Steve Winston, your expert Tyler TX real estate agent.

Enjoy The Azalea Trails and be sure to check back here and share what aspect of The Azalea Trails was your favorite. Leave a comment and let the rest of us know what you liked best.

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